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CIMB Personal Loan known as Cash Plus Personal Loan. It provide unsecured term loan for personal use.  It is a hassle free and convenient personal loan to fulfill your dream. There’s no any collaterals needed, no guarantor and flexible repayment period up to 5 years.

Advantages to take Personal Loan with CIMB Bank

  1. 100% cash on hand to customer. There’s no such thing like additional charges imposed to the loan amount.
  2. Flexible repayment period up to 5 years.
  3. Loan amount is offering from RM2,000 to a maximum RM100,000 with simple process.

Basic Requirement to Apply Personal Loan CIMB

  1. a Malaysian and only for individual applicant.
  2. He/She is aged between 21 years old – 58 years old
  3. Minimum Income (Basic + Fixed Income) are RM2,000 and above.

Documentations for Employed Customer

1.Salary Slip

  • For Fixed Income Earner (Basic + Fixed Income), minimum 1 month salary slip  together with latest EPF statement or latest bank statement shows salary crediting into bank.
  • For Variable Income Earner (Do not have monthly fixed income),minimum 3 months  salary slip together with latest 3 months EPF statement or latest 3 months bank statement shows salary crediting into bank.

2. Existing CIMB Payroll Customer (Salary credited into CIMB Bank)

  • Minimum latest 3 months bank statement shows salary credited with “AUTOPAYCR or “CREDIT ADVICE” transaction or any transfer from Company Name.


3. Latest 6 months EPF Record


4. Latest BE Form with LHDN Payment Receipt/ E-Filling Acknowledgement receipt.


5. Latest EA Form

Documentations for Self-Employed Customer

  1. For Private Limited Company
  • Business Registration details like Form 9 , 24 & 49, SSM Search, etc.
  • Latest 6 months business bank statement / latest borang B with LHDN payment receipt or E-filling acknowledgement receipt.

2. For Sole Prop/ Partnership/ Limited Liability Partnership/ Small Traders

  • Provide Trading License/ Partnership agreement/ SSM/ Professional Practising Certificate.
  • Latest 6 months business bank statement / latest 6 months personal bank statement(for sole prop/small traders only) / latest Borang B with LHDN payment receipt or e-filling acknowledgement receipt.

*Note: For own business Income, the self-employed must own at least 20% of the shareholdings including Partnership and Sdn Bhd.

Profit Rates


Fees & Charges

  • There will be a Late Pay Penalty of 1% p.a. charges on the installments amount in arrears from overdue date.
  • There’s no Early Settlement Fees Charges.

How to Apply?

Please visit any of our branches or call our Customer Contact Centre (603 – 6204 7788). For Further informations, Please go to


Pinjaman Peribadi CIMB

CIMB Financing

CIMB Group is the largest Asia Pacific based investment bank and one of the world’s largest Islamic banks.

Benefits of using CIMB Personal Financing:

  • Withdraw additional funds conveniently from your current account without liquidating investment products
  • Service the monthly interest and settle the principal as and when you wish
  • Interest is calculated on a daily rest basis, meaning the more you pay up on your principal, the lower the interest charges
  • A hassle free personal loan to fulfill your dream. No Collaterals, no guarantor and flexible repayment tenure up to 5 years


  • 24 hour approval and fast disbursement
  • No security deposit
  • No guarantor needed for financing RM5,000 and below
  • Takaful / Insurance coverage
  • Minimum financing amount of RM3,000 up to 50,000
  • Long payment up to 5 years
  • Make your monthly installment payments through automatic payments via standing instruction


  • Single name application
  • Age 21-60 years old
  • Minimum monthly income of RM800 gross
  • Employment / business for more than 6 months
  • Malaysian citizen or Permanent Resident

Salaried Applicant:

  • Mykad (both side)
  • Latest 3 months salary slip
  • EA form / EPF statement / Letter from employer


  • Mykad (both side)
  • Business Registration Certificate (Form D or Form 9,24,49 and M&A)
  • Last 3 months bank statement / BE form with income tax reciept / other supporting documents

Xpress Cash Financing-i

Is one of the fastest and the most flexible financing up to 5 times your gross income for financing.

Pembiayaan Peribadi SektorAwam-i

Special financing package tailored only for government servant and government link companies.

Profit rate:

  • Effective 1 Dec 2013, the revised rates are as below:
  • 5.55% p.a flat rate (applies to income earner of RM1,500-2,999.99)
  • 5.25% p.a flat rate (applies to income earner of RM3,000 and above)
    • Minimum financing amount of RM1,000 up to RM200,000
    • Financing tenure up to 10 years
    • Installment payments via salary deductions through Biro Angkasa

Individual applicant only aged between 18 and 59 years upon application (Subject to retirement age at 60 years).

CIMB Islamic Ar-Rahnu

Financing based on Shariahprinciples which are fast, easy and less risky. The following items are required for CIMB Islamic Ar-Rahnu application:

  • Photocopy of My Kad/Passport
  • CIMB Islamic/CIMB Current Account/Current Account-i or Saving Account/Saving Account-i
  • Purchasing receipt of Gold Jewellery (best effort basis)
  • Aged between 21 to 70 years old

Please take note than Custodian Fee RM0.65 for every RM100 Gold value per month & Stamp Duty of RM 10 Stamping fee.