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CIMB Personal Loan known as Cash Plus Personal Loan. It provide unsecured term loan for personal use.  It is a hassle free and convenient personal loan to fulfill your dream. There’s no any collaterals needed, no guarantor and flexible repayment period up to 5 years.

Advantages to take Personal Loan with CIMB Bank

  1. 100% cash on hand to customer. There’s no such thing like additional charges imposed to the loan amount.
  2. Flexible repayment period up to 5 years.
  3. Loan amount is offering from RM2,000 to a maximum RM100,000 with simple process.

Basic Requirement to Apply Personal Loan CIMB

  1. a Malaysian and only for individual applicant.
  2. He/She is aged between 21 years old – 58 years old
  3. Minimum Income (Basic + Fixed Income) are RM2,000 and above.

Documentations for Employed Customer

1.Salary Slip

  • For Fixed Income Earner (Basic + Fixed Income), minimum 1 month salary slip  together with latest EPF statement or latest bank statement shows salary crediting into bank.
  • For Variable Income Earner (Do not have monthly fixed income),minimum 3 months  salary slip together with latest 3 months EPF statement or latest 3 months bank statement shows salary crediting into bank.

2. Existing CIMB Payroll Customer (Salary credited into CIMB Bank)

  • Minimum latest 3 months bank statement shows salary credited with “AUTOPAYCR or “CREDIT ADVICE” transaction or any transfer from Company Name.


3. Latest 6 months EPF Record


4. Latest BE Form with LHDN Payment Receipt/ E-Filling Acknowledgement receipt.


5. Latest EA Form

Documentations for Self-Employed Customer

  1. For Private Limited Company
  • Business Registration details like Form 9 , 24 & 49, SSM Search, etc.
  • Latest 6 months business bank statement / latest borang B with LHDN payment receipt or E-filling acknowledgement receipt.

2. For Sole Prop/ Partnership/ Limited Liability Partnership/ Small Traders

  • Provide Trading License/ Partnership agreement/ SSM/ Professional Practising Certificate.
  • Latest 6 months business bank statement / latest 6 months personal bank statement(for sole prop/small traders only) / latest Borang B with LHDN payment receipt or e-filling acknowledgement receipt.

*Note: For own business Income, the self-employed must own at least 20% of the shareholdings including Partnership and Sdn Bhd.

Profit Rates


Fees & Charges

  • There will be a Late Pay Penalty of 1% p.a. charges on the installments amount in arrears from overdue date.
  • There’s no Early Settlement Fees Charges.

How to Apply?

Please visit any of our branches or call our Customer Contact Centre (603 – 6204 7788). For Further informations, Please go to http://www.cimbbank.com.my/en/personal/products/loans/personal-loans/cash-plus-personal-loan.html